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360Suite offers industry-leading solutions for SAP BusinessObjects, helping BI managers achieve excellence, and creating synergy between IT and Business. 360Suite solutions cut costs, enhance security, support regulatory compliance, streamline migrations, prevent regressions, facilitate IT chargeback, and leverage metadata for three million users worldwide. 360Suite provides KPIs on analytics for executives so they can take better decisions.

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360Suite is a suite of agile governance solutions for SAP BusinessObjects developed by Wiiisdom.

At Wiiisdom, we transform your Analytics landscape into a reliable place to make better, trusted decisions every day and maximize your data assets.

360Suite is a set of solutions to ensure quality, reliability, performance, and efficiency of SAP BusinessObjects through testing, auditing, monitoring, cataloging, and scheduling methodologies. 360Suite is designed for large organizations looking to mitigate data risks, automate operations, and is the solution of choice for any migration project.

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