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The Act-On Integrated Marketing Platform is the foundation for successful marketing departments in organizations of all sizes.

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Act-On, the world’s leading growth marketing automation platform, is built by marketers for marketers. Out platform is designed to deliver adaptable, scalable, and evolving marketing automation for marketers and teams of all sizes, industries, and growth projections. Best of all, Act-On is easy to implement, highly configurable to your needs, and supported by the best and customer services team in the industry. 

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Act-On empowers marketers to:

•	Grow and expand their businesses at scale through B2B demand generation, B2C sales and transactions, and customer marketing features. Orchestrate and optimize the entire customer journey — from awareness to advocacy — by building continuous, customized engagement that transforms visitors into prospects, prospects into qualified leads, and qualified leads into lifetime customers.

•	Deliver exceptional brand experiences throughout the customer lifecycle by automating buying journeys, personalizing communications and campaigns, and improving brand affinity and loyalty. Leverage Act-On’s automated capabilities to attract new prospects, engage your contacts, and guide leads toward more frequent and more lucrative purchasing decisions.

•	Drive measurable product adoption and customer retention through executing comprehensive onboarding and training programs, product adoption and customer retention strategies, and new products and services promotions. From new contacts to loyal partners, you can use Act-On to engage your audience, turn them into brand ambassadors, and keep them coming back for more. 

With interactive and dynamic reporting and analytics to assess, showcase, and improve performance, the Act-On Platform is designed to deliver growth marketing value for businesses and marketers of any size, shape, location, and scale.   

Platform features include:

•	Automated and adaptable buying journeys
•	Deep integrations with leading CRM systems and web conferencing
•	Website visitor engagement tracking and intent reporting
•	Dynamic lead scoring, segmenting, and nurturing
•	Social media listening, prospecting, publishing, and advocacy
•	Easy-to-design web forms, landing pages, and email templates
•	Event-triggered and transactional emailing
•	Active contact-based pricing for actual usage billing

We get marketing. We understand your challenges. And we’re here to help you excel with every customer and every campaign.

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