AIMS is a platform provides all the information needed to keep a healthy integration environment and avoid system downtime and performance issues , it focus on integration monitoring, analytics & insight.

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Transform your IT and Business operations with the AIMS AIOps platform. 
Experience the AI delivering dependency topology from day 2 and anomalies from day 14.

With 200+ out-of-the-box integrations, the flexible AIMS API, and agents you can connect all your systems - cloud, hybrid, and on-premise. AIMS automatically normalizes the data with the hyper-scalable time series Normalization Engine. Then AIMS uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn the behavior of all your performance metrics across your IT environment, identifies critical correlations and dependencies, and provides you early notification of IT issues that can bring down your business.

AIMS automatically generates a dynamic 360° map of all the hidden corners of your IT systems and data for predictive anomaly detection and real-time insight into business-critical processes.

Configure and troubleshoot less. Innovate more.
Companies using AIMS slash time spent on manual monitoring and troubleshooting, freeing resources to drive business innovation and build competitive advantage through IT.

Enable IT teams, as business drivers.
AIMS enables IT, teams, to impact business outcomes by making it easier to communicate system insights and performance data with non-technical business stakeholders.

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