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AiDeal uses AI to identify which customers will definitely make a purchase, those who definitely will not and those who are unsure. It focuses particularly on shoppers who are undecided but likely to purchase with an additional incentive in the form of a coupon with limited validity, encouraging a faster transaction and ensuring effective use of marketing spend. AiDeal allows Appier clients to speed up customer time to purchase and help shoppers overcome hesitation and prevent cart abandonment by providing discounts and deals at the right time via the right channel. AiDeal helps retailers identify hesitant customers through advanced machine learning that analyzes onsite behavior (both web and mobile) to determine intent. It looks at activities such as how people view specific products and images and how they navigate the page overall.

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Still distributing coupons to all users indiscriminately? Still bothered by the heavy manual effort required for coupon segmentation? Try AiDeal!

Stop Indiscriminate Coupon Distribution

Coupons distributed to everyone hurts profit margins. Target only hesitant buyers who need a push from incentives. Avoid delivering to window shoppers (those who won’t checkout with coupons) or immediate buyers (those who will buy regardless) to optimize your coupon costs.

Predict Purchase Intent with Deep Learning

Pinpoint users’ behavioral patterns in real time. Leverage thousands of data features, i.e., mouse movement and swiping trajectory, to calculate users’ likelihood to purchase. Know who to target and when to trigger coupon pop-ups dynamically to deliver optimal campaign results.

Maximize Marketing ROI and Seal the Deal

Drive immediate conversions among hesitant buyers with limited-time deals. No more wasted budget on immediate buyers and window shoppers. Increase transaction completion rate without diminishing margins. Improve overall conversion rates while optimizing profits.
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