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AtScale allows you to put the power of your Big Data in the hands of business users. It empowers IT and Business Analysts alike with self-service analytics, on big data, with all the performance and scale, and without compromising security or control.

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AtScale is the leading provider of intelligent data virtualization for big data analytical workloads, empowering citizen data scientists to accelerate and scale their business’ data analytics and science capabilities and ultimately build insight-driven enterprises. AtScale helps organizations transform into insight-driven enterprises.

AtScale enables organizations to leverage their data and empower their business users to collaborate by breaking down data silos, addressing data privacy regulations, enabling real-time data sharing, and opening access to a complete and trusted set of data via self-service with large-scale data volumes on modern data platforms. 

-Design Canvas: AtScale’s Design Canvas visually and intuitively connects to any data 
-Autonomous Data Engineering—Just-in-time query optimization that anticipates the needs of the data consumer.
-Universal Semantic Layer—A workspace with a Design Canvas for your data consumers to define business meaning and get a single-source-of-truth.
-Security & Data Governance —Centralized security policy to decentralize access using the tenants of Zero Trust. 
-Virtual Cube Catalog—A gateway to data that is easily discoverable and frictionless—and available to use every day, en masse.

-No data movement: AtScale is agnostic to data platforms and data location, whether on-premises or in the cloud, in a data lake or a data warehouse. 
-Automatic “smart” aggregate creation: AtSacle’s intelligent aggregates adapt to the data model and how it is used, automating the data engineering tasks required to support those activities and reducing time spent from weeks to hours.
-Use your existing BI and AI tools: AtScale provides access to live, atomic-level data without the user needing to understand where or how to access the data, so you can keep using your tools of choice.
-No more extracts or shadow IT: AtScale eliminates the need for extracts with a single, consistent, governed view of live data, regardless of which BI and AI tools are used. 
-Data-as-a-service: AtScale allows metadata to be created once, with centrally defined business rules and calculations, exposing data assets as a service. 
-Data platform portability: Models built in AtScale are portable, with no need to recreate them for different platforms. AtScale can easily be repointed to new data platforms, making migration seamless to business users. 
-Faster time-to-insight: AtScale reduces time-to-insight from weeks and months to minutes and hours. AtScale virtual models can be created and deployed in no time, with no ETL or data engineering.
-Future-proof your data architecture: AtScale alleviates the complexities of data platform and analytics tool integration, making cloud, hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud data architectures a reality without compromising  performance, security, agility or existing governance and security policies.

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