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BhaiFi CoreA legally-compliant WiFi hotspot management and security solution with a powerful in-built marketing platform: an absolute must-have to drive innovation and value to your business.

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"Networks get hacked, become slow & go down more often than you think. Are you using the right tool to control your network?"

BhaiFi is a Global Cybersecurity startup based out of India that offers an All-in-one Cloud-Based Network Platform that allows you to Secure, Manage, Monitor & Visualize your network.

Thinking about your benefits after opting for the BhaiFi?

1. Stay Cyber-Safe
# Keeps you safe from internal & external Cyber Attacks like Ransomware, Malware, DDOS & more.

2. Avoid Losses
# Proactive monitoring & alerts reduce downtime, avoids revenue loss, productivity loss & reputation loss.

3. Save Cost & Time
# Plug-N-Play with Pay-Per-User model drastically reduces your onboarding cost & time.

4. 100% Compliant
# Legal-compliance & Forensic logging keeps you compliant & ready for audit.

5. Increased Efficiency 
# Anyone in your team can manage your network without being technical in a few clicks.

6. Instant Disaster Recovery
# All critical & complicated decisions are taken automatically in real-time.

Our platform has 2 products:

1. BhaiFi Core
# Cybersecurity, Management & Monitoring Platform.

2. BhaiFi Time Machine
# Network Visibility, Security & Planning Platform

Over 1000+ businesses trust BhaiFi to avoid losing millions from their honest profits due to unsecured & broken Internet. Trusted By Businesses With 15 To 1500 Users.

BhaiFi offers a customized solution for:

1. Coworking Space
# Secured & seamless WiFi experience is the backbone of a successful co-working space & we ensure we deliver that to your co-workers, reducing your operational expenses & boosting your revenue.

2. Office
# One Cyberattack may cause revenue, reputation & productivity loss. We ensure none of that happens without many operational efforts, further reducing your expenses.

3. Hotel
# Provides seamless experience to guests keeping your legal-compliance in place, prioritizing privacy, running operations efficiently, further boosting your business.

4. Café & Restaurant
# Delivering a matchless WiFi experience to your customers & a marketing platform further boosting your revenue, all this keeping your legal-compliance in place.

5. Co-living Space
# Offering all the expertise needed to run a secure & fast Internet experience while meeting all the budgets at scale.

6. Retail
# From driving the footfalls to targeting customers in real-time, ensuring seamless WiFi delivers a better ROI.

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