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Bloom Intelligence offers a cloud-based Wi-Fi marketing and analytics platform designed to enable users to see customer visit patterns, collect contact information, and bring them back.

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Location-aware customer insights and marketing tools for brick & mortar retailers.

Bloom Intelligence is a WiFi marketing and customer analytics software as a service platform for restaurant and retail locations. With Bloom, automated marketing becomes easier than ever. Passively collect detailed customer profiles for segmented, personalized marketing, and customer analytics even they don't log into your WiFi. Improve online ratings, identify churning customers, create loyalty programs, and create automated email marketing campaigns. Detailed ROI reports on every campaign. White glove customer support and training for WiFi marketing.

We use big data and artificial intelligence to help brick and mortar companies regain the edge lost to online competitors. We do this by deploying WiFi and other sensors to collect otherwise inaccessible customer information such as traffic volume, dwell time, return rate and visit frequency, and then turning that into valuable business intelligence and key performance indicators such as a location's churn rate, predicted traffic, customer lifetime, and customer lifetime value.
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