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Helping brands reach in-market consumers through intent data, actionable insights and bigger audiences.

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LeadSift is a B2B intent data provider that helps B2B Technology companies Identify WHAT Account to target, WHO in the Account to speak to, WHY they’re a fit, and WHEN. LeadSift scans daily massive amounts of unstructured public web documents (blogs, social networks, forums, job boards, press releases, SEC filings, corporate websites, etc.) to identify buying intent and or interest from other B2B organizations. For LeadSift, a Buying Intent Signal is an Actionable Piece of Data (Sales Trigger) that indicates an organization might be in the buying journey for your product/service. LeadSift identifies Buying Intent Signals in four broad categories.

-Engaging with a competitor, 
-Researching industry content, 
-Attending a trade-show/conference, 
-Hiring for specific roles/skills. 

We pick those engagements as potential signals of intent. The proprietary technology matches the engagement to a buyer persona and filters out any that don't match your ideal customer profile. We then assign an intent/interest score to the target accounts based on their match with the Ideal Customer Profile, the frequency of the intent signals, and the type of the intent signals.

Integrations:, Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, Zymplify
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