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Lucidworks Fusion is the leading developer of search, discovery and analytics software based on Apache Lucene and Apache Solr technology.

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Lucidworks provides the world’s largest organizations with the tools they need to connect users with data in meaningful and relevant ways. By making data work efficiently for your customers and employees, your organization can react faster and smarter with a solution that searches everything, provides the right information to the right people, and surfaces actionable, profitable insights extracted from your data. 

Fusion, Lucidworks’ flagship product, removes information silos by unifying data from varied sources to solve findability issues. The Fusion platform makes building reliable and tunable search applications that harness the power of Apache Solr and Spark accessible to both developers and broader business users. By applying machine learning from the moment of data ingest, a deeper understanding and context can be extracted from every data set. 

Fusion offers a flexible breadth of offerings to meet any search and machine learning need. Designed to scale to the largest document repositories and support the most active and demanding user populations, Fusion allows customers to dynamically manage application resources as utilization ebbs and flows, avoiding any unscheduled downtime and performance degradation. 

Pre-built solutions and out-of-the-box machine learning algorithms bring your organization to value rapidly. Fusion has everything you need to build and deploy powerful search applications at scale, including:
Data Connectors
Content Security
Query & Index Pipelines 
NLP Engine
Application Studio
SQL Engine
Machine Learning Driven Relevance
Query Rewriting
Data Science Toolkit

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