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Melissa’s 35 years of deep domain expertise in address management and data quality combines a global consortium of multi-sourced data with the latest innovations to help businesses keep their customer data clean. Our enterprise Data Quality Suite provides wide capabilities that clean, correct and verify addresses, names, phones and emails at the point of entry. 

The Data Quality Suite offers:

Address Verification: Validates, corrects and standardizes addresses in batch, point of entry or can operate in a single address lookup with instant results. Address validation is offered for the U.S., Canada and over 240 countries and territories to improve deliveries, customer service and the bottom line. 

Name Verification: Utilizes intelligent recognition to identify, genderize and parse over 650,000 ethnically-diverse first and last names. 

Phone Verification: Checks for landline or mobile phone number liveness, type and ownership with support for international phone validation. 

Email Verification: Performs email checks to correct and validate the domain, syntax, spelling and test the SMTP for global email validation. Perform an email list validation to ensure your email marketing reaches live inboxes for low bounce rates and high response. 

Experience Flexibility at its Finest
The Data Quality Suite is available as multiplatform on-premise APIs as well as Web Service/Cloud APIs to offer scalability, security and flexibility for any size business or need. Choose the best way to build data verification, enrichment and cleansing right into your webpages and other business applications. 

Why Melissa?
Through the decades, we’ve found that accurate addresses are the foundation for success. The vendor you select must supply a sophisticated product that is fast and scalable with next-generation rule sets for the most accurate results. Through decades of enhancements, our address solutions yield proprietary features and capabilities the competition cannot meet. That’s why we’re known as the Address Experts.

See why over 10,000 customers worldwide have relied on Melissa to ensure timely deliveries, boost communications, amplify business intelligence and improve the bottom line. Explore free trials and more information at

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