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We developed a diagnostic technology for early detection of broken machines. Humans are frequently used during the quality controls of air-conditioning, gearbox, etc. We can automate the analysis using our digital brain, which emulates auditory cortex. We focus on the early detection and prediction of mechanical malfunction on any machinery. The unique pre-processing of the input data allows the neural network to learn and identify the important features quickly with high confidence.

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We specialize in predictive maintenance of machines by their sound. By leveraging power of AI and custom made HW we are able to detect anomalies, spot trends and patterns, assess the quality etc.

Neuron Soundware was founded in 2016 as a deep tech company by a team of machine learning experts, with extensive experience in industrial, mechanical, electrical and software engineering, research and development projects and software development, with the objective of becoming a major actor in predictive maintenance.  

In the manufacturing industry, sound and vibration seem to be the simplest method of diagnostics of a mechanical malfunction. However, an understanding of the sound is a hard task and humans are still frequently used during the quality controls. By leveraging neural networks and state of the art IoT devices, Neuron Soundware provides an innovative digitization and analytics platform that enables manufacturers to monitor their critical machinery by its sound.

What it means for our customers is that we can:
- reduce their maintenance and repair costs,
- reduce downtime,
- digitize the manufacturing process,
- improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
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