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Omniconvert's Explore is a conversion rate optimization tool which allows marketers to deploy A/B tests, surveys and personalization experiments with minimum help from the IT department.

The platform has been built with the conversion optimization process in mind:
1. Run on-site surveys in order to find out specific barriers the website users might have (eg. lack of trust, bad UX, no purchase intention etc.)
2. Based on the survey results, create a hypothesis about what can be done in order to improve conversions
3. Create experiments using the A/B Testing tool or the web personalization engine - advanced segmentation (segments from CRM, GTM, weather API, etc) on the webpage or through exit-intent overlays.
4. Easily track KPIs or events such as cart abandonment rate, page engagement, number of clicks on certain links or page elements.
5. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn: get the knowledge or keep the winning experiments. 
6. Save the reports 
7. Repeat

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