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One Six Solutions is an Information Management and Software Engineering services provider. They take on complex challenges and create simple, straight-forward solutions that deliver high value. Their core competencies consist of both traditional and cloud based application development and information management solutions.

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One Six Solutions is a Chicago-based Data and Software Engineering firm.

Competencies - Our core competencies consist of both traditional and cloud based data and software engineering.

Experience - With an average of 10 years professional experience, we've created solutions across a diverse set of industries including healthcare, pharma, manufacturing, higher education, non-profit, software, professional services and product start-ups.

Solutions - Whether it be custom application development, integrating data across the enterprise, delivering analytic solutions, or helping our clients pick the right software products, we've seen great success in helping our clients solve complex business problems.

Notable Partnerships: AWS Consulting Partner, Tableau Partner, Microsoft Consulting Partner, Qlik Parter, Snowflake Partner, Fivetran Partner
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