A basic chatbot framework simply consists of a messaging connector, a natural language processing engine, a dialog manager that takes user intent and outputs chatbot responses.

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Rulai's Conversational Computing Platform is the most advanced all-in-one Conversational AI platform in the market, designed to accelerate time-to-value. Companies can use Rulai to build sophisticated Virtual Assistants and Chatbots in record time with minimal coding or AI knowledge.

Rulai's proprietary S.A.F.E. methodology ensures that Conversational AI projects can be managed on tight schedules and deliver on the KPIs. S.A.F.E. stands for Smart - Action Oriented - Fast Learner - Extensible.
-> SMART - Rulai is the only company with a Level 3 Dialog Manager, capable of constructing a conversation in real-time based on context. This includes the ability to handle multiple intents and context switching, without coding.
-> ACTION ORIENTED - Powerful bots need to do more than just FAQ. They need to automate entire workflows. Rulai's Javascript engine, prebuilt integrations, and connections with 3rd party RPA providers allows for fast integration with enterprise systems.
-> FAST LEARNER - Bot builders can rely on Rulai's accelerators to ingest data, knowledge, and workflows and turn  them into bots with a click of a button. Rulai bots can also learn from past transcripts, and of course, learn from experience by guiding bot builders to problem areas. Rulai's no-code design studio enables bot builders to quickly build and iterate on bot versions.
-> EXTENSIBLE - Rulai's platform can support customer, employee, and agent facing use cases and can be deployed across voice, text, or messaging channels to provide a true omnichannel customer journey-based solution.

Rulai's platform has been designed with the enterprise in mind. It is SOC2 Type 2 and PCI compliant and can run on any cloud, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft as well as in on-premise environments. Rulai was selected by Forbes as one of the most promising AI companies in the US.

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