Our software can be used within a wide range of areas, but we specialize in Windmill-, Solar-, Powerline-, Rooft- and Thermal inspections. We also work with the best in the business, to analyze your data efficiently, using the best aspects of both AI and human analysis.

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Scopito is a cloud-based platform for visual data management. It aids DSP's and Utilities in storing, analysing and sharing images from visual inspections. 

Scopito is not subscription-based, but rather customers pay a fixed amount per inspection stored on the platform, with the option of volume-based discounts. Inspections are stored for one year at a time, on Scopito's own servers.

Scopito comes complete with powerful image analysis tools and smart keyboard shortcuts, to optimize the workflow for fault detection and management. Integrations to SAP systems is available. 
Additionally, customers have the option to outsource analysis to Scopito's team, which leverages Artificial Intelligence algorithms and subject matter experts for the task, and delivers results directly in the platform. 

Because the standard solution is cloud-based, sharing inspections for review or analysis is easy. Additional users are free of charge, and companies can manage access levels as well as roles and rights themselves, directly from the platform. It is also possible to host Scopito on-premise.
For deliveries, Scopito has a  highly customizable reporting-feature which exports to both PDF and CSV.

For companies wishing to personalize the platform, Scopito offers a white-labeling solution. White-label clients can use the platform from a custom URL and with a specialized design as per their choice.


Scopito started it's career as a drone manufacturer under the name Danish Drones. 
However, the team's focus quickly shifted, and Danish Drones became Heliscope; a Drone Service Provider who developed their own image management software. In 2016 the software became the sole focus, and Heliscope sold it's inspections business to become Scopito. 

Today Scopito servers more than 3000 companies worldwide and has headquarters in Denmark and The United States.

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