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The ultimate e-commerce site search solution. SearchNode is a fast-growing technology company providing a comprehensive search and filtering solution for medium to large e-commerce companies.

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SearchNode is the ultimate search solution for medium-big eCommerce companies, who want to optimize their on-site search, for maximum revenue. Our product is combined of a powerful search engine technology and solution developers, highly skilled in search.

Unlike usual SaaS search vendors, we work on each client search individually, not just provide them with a generalized dashboard, where clients need to do a lot of manual case-by-case fixing themselves.

Hardcoding is not how we work. SearchNode developers adapt search algorithms to meet the client’s business and language specifics, provide custom-ranking algorithms, optimize long-tail queries, and make data-driven improvements. This creates scalable search improvements and search experience flourishes.

SearchNode is like getting a quality of in-house developer team, without having to hire one.
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