Let us save you from hours spent every month in finicky spreadsheets. Improve quality and provide your reps with personalized, real-time commission portals. Along the way we'll work together to boost sales by up to 10%.

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Spiff is the leading commission calculation software that takes the manual labor and complexity of your current commission processes and completely automates it. With Spiff, your team won't have to spend hours modeling, updating, and managing complex spreadsheets or old enterprise software to pay commissions. Deployed at some of the fastest growing, long-established, and innovative companies, we've turned revenue management from a behemoth kept at bay into a motivation engine that maximizes sales team engagement and accelerates their growth.

By maximizing visibility into the commission plans with real-time transparency, we've turned sales data into actionable insights. Accessible from any Spiff dashboard, the Real-Time Insights feature allows you to visualize trends across plans, teams, and your entire organization. Spiff boasts one of the industry's fastest purchase to performance times. It doesn't require special connections to be coded as it connects directly to your CRM, ERP, Payment Processors to reduce work load and increase accuracy every time someone checks their dashboard. Boasting Android and iOS apps anyone and anywhere on your team can watch your company grow from 10 to 10,000 sales reps with the new world of automated commission calculation.

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