"Intelligent Revenue Management: Using AI To Maximize Consumer Revenue"

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wappier is introducing to the world Intelligent Revenue Management, optimization technology that transforms the way app developers and marketers maximize consumer revenue by using powerful AI that goes beyond typical marketing automation.

By analyzing more than 2 billion data facts per day, wappier tracks, models, predicts, and influences each consumer’s behavior in real-time. The platform’s machine learning-based data visualization, loyalty automation, and revenue optimization solutions enable enterprises to leverage descriptive analytics to review the past, predictive analytics to forecast the future, and prescriptive analytics to affect future behavior with personalized next best action recommendations.

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Wappier FAQ

Does wappier integrate with any other apps?

Yes! Here are some of them:
* Facebook
* MAT/Tune
* AppsFlyer
* Adjust
* Unity
* Cocos2D

What is wappier generally used for?

What is it that we offer? A single cloud-based platform that uses AI to model, predict, and influence consumer behavior.
App developers and marketers around the world utilize our platform's:
* Automated Loyalty solution to improve engagement and retention
* IAP Pricing Optimization engine to maximize revenue
* Next Best Action Recommendation engine to target each individual consumer with their next best 1:1 marketing campaign or tactic
* ML-Based Data Visualization technology to extract actionable insights from complex datasets that are visualized in a way that finally makes sense

What platforms does wappier support?

Our solutions are integrated into native mobile (iOS & Android) and web apps. They are enabled through a cloud-based web console that utilizes closed-loop machine learning technology.

Who are the main user groups of wappier?

As a matter of fact, anyone! Any app developer or marketer that wants to focus on their existing customer base and maximize revenue and retention of the customers that are already there. Goal? Reduce churn and then focus on customer acquisition.
Industries: Games, Apps, Gambling, eCommerce, Media, Telecoms, Messaging, etc.

Does wappier offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?

Yes! All you need to do is enter wappier's Intelligent Revenue Management platform and invite your team-mates. Four eyes are always better than two!

Does wappier offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Don't even ask :) Our mission is to make our customers' lives easy. Tutorials, FAQs, glossary, thorough documentation, and guide-through demos! Our amazing Customer Success Team is always here to help via Outlook, Skype, Phone, or Slack.

Does wappier offer an API?

Yes! You can either integrate wappier's Optimization SDK or get started with a non-SDK API-based option, it's up to you!
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