Wisdom is a website visitor session recorder that allows users to watch their website visitors, live, interacting with their website.

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It’s not about Search— It’s about Discovery. At Wisdom’s core is the idea that relentlessly iterating and continuously improving the customer journey is the core workflow of modern SaaS- and that means querying app frictions and user frustrations must be as accessible and ubiquitous as SQL databases.

With Session Replay, DevTools logging and a product-focused CRM all rolled into one, Wisdom combines all the best front-end user monitoring tools to help your entire product team proactively uncover broken user experiences- because only a paying customer knows if it’s a bug or a feature. Wisdom brings together all the analytics, charts, heatmaps, video recordings, issue GIFs, user profiles, and mail tracking— everything to craft thrilling digital experiences.

Wisdom enables teams to watch customers live, without downloads,
in order to provide amazing support, debug errors faster,
and collaboratively develop great features.

Wisdom records all HTML and JavaScript for pixel-perfect video playback. Wisdom is powered by a JavaScript web recorder that runs in your website. Behind the scenes, Wisdom uses SLA grade anomaly detection models and video session replay tools to go beyond console logs to help your team find where your users are having a bad time.

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