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Zemanta is the world’s first multi-channel demand-side platform built for post-click behavior optimization.Zemanta is built entirely around the idea of helping advertisers generate engagement – whether visits, views, leads, or conversions – all from their programmatic advertising campaigns.We exist to radically improve the overall online advertising experience in ways that make consumers truly want to interact with advertising.Zemanta helps advertisers break through the fundamentally flawed reach and frequency metrics by determining which placements and creatives lead to the right users engaging with their ads and websites. This unique approach offers advertisers the opportunity to capture true consumer engagement and return on ad spend.Through advanced AI and automation, Zemanta One empowers brands and agencies to buy advertising that is optimized for post-click engagement, making the most of every advertising dollar spent across display, video, and native placements on the web.pWe incorporate your web analytics data into Zemanta’s platform, its automated campaign management and bidder. Unlike other DSPs, we offer seamless Google Analytics and Adobe integration.Zemanta allows you to bid using goals like Cost per Minute on Site (Time on Site).Zemanta was originally built on a foundation of context and semantics – not cookies and audience targeting. So, Zemanta can target audiences and impressions like other DSPs, but as the world moves away from those approaches we are positioned to help advertisers survive and thrive. Zemanta’s unique background in semantic analysis and approach to bidding & optimizing campaigns provides for an even bigger advantage for advertisers leveraging our platform.
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