Price IQ is an AI-enriched pricing software that delivers optimal prices and actionable sales guidance for price quoting to omnichannel points of customer interaction. It is one of the AI-enriched IQ Engines that power the Zilliant IQ Platform.

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Zilliant is focused on helping B2B companies conquer a vast array of pricing and sales challenges. Using an innovative blend of data science and software, we allow companies to gain more strategic control of their business performance. Our best-in-class cloud-native platform and applications, coupled with an outcome-focused dedication to customer success, give B2B leaders the confidence and know-how to remain competitive now and in the future. Zilliant's solution set includes: Zilliant IQ Platform™: True cloud-native platform that helps companies operationalize data science to solve pricing, sales and commercial challenges, while serving as the architectural underpinning for our leading pricing and sales applications. Price IQ®: The market-leading B2B price optimization application, recognized by IDC for "the highest ROI, shortest time to value and best customer experience" in the industry. Price IQ uses advanced AI and data science to statistically measure the factors that drive price response, while enforcing guardrails and producing price guidance for all the different ways price is expressed in a B2B business. Price Manager™: The ultimate price management solution that empowers pricing teams to take control over pricing and make dynamic, real-time updates as market conditions change, for delivery to any sales channel. Sales IQ™: The leading predictive sales analytics solution that helps B2B companies uncover more opportunity within current customer accounts. Using advanced data science, the application identifies Growth, Recovery and Price Actions and delivers insights directly to sales reps. Sales IQ customers typically see a 5 to 15% increase in same-customer sales. Deal Manager™: A centralized hub for the creation, management and approval of customer price agreements and contracts, that identifies and halts sources of margin leakage and streamlines the quote review and approval process. IQ Anywhere™: The real-time connection between your business and Zilliant's solutions. IQ Anywhere is a high-availability REST API that simultaneously pulls data from your repository systems and pushes data to front-end sales and customer-facing applications like CRM, CPQ and eCommerce. Cart IQ™: Using advanced association rules, Cart IQ grows average online order value through real-time complementary product recommendations at the time of order. Cart IQ brings a B2C customer experience into the world of B2B. Sales Planner™: A sales-facing application that bolsters the value of CRM, by surfacing Sales IQ opportunities in real-time and prompting reps to take appropriate action.


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