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ZUQ is an AI customer support bot for facebook messenger. He learns your FAQ, knowledge base or documentation and answers customers automatically.

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Premium pricing starts 49$ / month

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Company Name: Zuq Ai

Founded: 2021

Website: Zuq Ai


ZUQ is powered by OpenAI's GTP-3 AI, trained on 175 billion parameters. It will understand different wordings and styles of speech.

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What is the price?

Zuq has a free trial that includes 100 bot replies. Sign up and you will get these credits automatically. After that you can choose a 49$/month Growth plan that includes 1000 bot replies and 100 answers in your FAQ database or 99$/month plan with 3000 bot replies and 200 answers in FAQ database. If you need a custom plan please feel free to contact us at [email protected] Our pricing is also available at our website
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