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The most affordable and fastest enterprise a/b testing and personalization solution for CRO & data-driven decisions in high-traffic websites.

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Optimize for more steady growth, better customer experiences, and higher revenue. With a partner you'll like & trust. 

Convert Experiences is a reliable, flicker-free A/B testing & personalization tool that’s been used on 5000+ websites by top brands like Sony, Unicef & Jabra. 

The people behind Convert understand exactly why you are looking to replace your A/B testing solution. Maybe you are missing a couple of features, but in reality you need a vendor who actively prioritizes your success. 

Users affirm that Convert offers them the best mix of price-features-support. If you like what Optimizely does in terms of targeting maturity, goals robustness, and JS flexibility - but don't want the enterprise price tag - Convert fits right in! 

We have built a tool & company that allows you to grow with high ROI A/B testing, without having to worry about slow support, forced plan upgrades, and multiple hoops just to talk to real human beings. 

Convert Experiences’ offers enterprise-ready advanced features like multi-page testing, post-segmentation, advanced targeting with 40+ filters, DMP profiling and a secure API. But at transparent self-service pricing. 

Take advantage of 4X faster support and 100+ out of the box integrations - all in a privacy compliant platform that uses 1st party cookies.

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