Demodesk is the first intelligent online meeting tool for Sales & Customer Success teams. No downloads, content shared on a virtual display, instant control sharing. Comes with automated scheduling, real-time sales assistance and next-level analytics to help sales and success convert more customers, faster.

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Demodesk is the #1 customer meeting platform for sales and success teams. We empower customer-facing reps to become top performers – by guiding them in real-time, automating non-selling tasks and engaging customers on a whole new level. 

Demodesk automatically loads the perfect playbook into every customer meeting – guiding reps with the right slides or web apps to present, talk tracks and battle cards on the spot. 

Sales teams can automate non-selling tasks from scheduling, meeting preparation, CRM documentation to follow-up. 

Our breakthrough screen-sharing technology makes meetings truly engaging and lets customers interact with the software during the meeting. 

AI-based insights help sales leaders understand what's happening in the call, understand what works and coach teams in a world where everyone works from anywhere.

Demodesk seamlessly connects with your entire tech stack including G Suite, Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Gong and many more. 

Leading SaaS companies are using Demodesk to cut down ramp time, increase quota attainment, lift sales productivity, and accelerate growth. A free demo is available.

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