Behavior emails meet marketing automation Send emails based on what people do on your website and automate your marketing process across the user journey. The first marketing automation platform for startups that integrates with the apps you use.

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Company Name: Encharge

Founded: 2020

Website: Encharge


Marketing automation software for startups and digital businesses. Send emails based on what people do on your website and in your product and automate your marketing process across the user journey.

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Do I need an ESP or Amazon SES/Sendgrid account to use Encharge?

No. All email sending is handled by Encharge. We have a partnership with the leading email infrastructure providers – Sendgrid and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Because email sending is a huge part of marketing automation, we handle everything around emails inside the platform. This means we provide managed deliverability for our IPs. You do not need a separate Email Service Provider or an Amazon SES/Sendgrid/Mailgun account to send emails.

My email sending has been paused, what to do now?

Apart from the initial account verification process, Encharge monitors email sending on an ongoing basis. To prevent abuse, we may pause or suspend certain accounts. The most common reasons your email sending has been paused are: - High bounce rate. - High spam rate. - Low engagement (opens, clicks). - Low-quality email content. - Lack of unsubscribe links in marketing emails. If your email sending gets paused you will receive an email from us explaining the possible reasons. Our team will work with you to improve your email sending practices.

Is Encharge email deliverability good?

We understand that email deliverability is one of your highest priorities. To make sure your emails land in the inbox of your users and subscribers, we have partnered with both Sendgrid and Amazon SES — the world's largest cloud-based email delivery platforms. On top of using Sendgrid and Amazon SES, we take the following steps to ensure the best possible deliverability rates: - There's a strict Account Verification process. We manually monitor and approve new Encharge users before they send their first email. - - That way we make sure no spam is send through Encharge. - We don't allow unsolicited/cold email senders on Encharge. - We have an abuse prevention algorithm that monitors email activity across all of the accounts in Encharge and automatically stops suspicious accounts and potential spammers. - We have built a proprietary algorithm that monitors your email engagement and automatically improves your deliverability.
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