"Protect your landing from being copied by competitors. Track your asset usage with Hivecode."

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Nowadays source code becomes the most valuable asset of the companies worldwide. Companies sign NDAs with their employees, but it doesn't work, as it's very hard to know who and how are using your source code.

There is no reason to trust your employees unless you check them. Hivecode helps companies to keep an eye on their digital assets and track web applications and software usage. No longer have worries about the copying of the web design of your web site, as you will know in seconds about it.

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Hivecode FAQ

What platforms does Hivecode support?

Works with any programming language and any OS.

Does Hivecode offer an API?

Yes, you can use system API for designing custom tracking.

Does Hivecode integrate with any other apps?

It can be integrated in any application with ready to go code prepared.

Who are the main user groups of Hivecode?

Software development companies, web studios, startups, marketing companies.

What is Hivecode generally used for?

Informs business owners and managers if their source code is being used unauthorized.

What are some applications Hivecode is commonly used in tandem with?

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