Zenoss is a provider of unified monitoring and analytics software for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructures.

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Zenoss works with the world's largest organizations to ensure their IT services and applications are always on.

As the leader in software-defined IT operations (, Zenoss uniquely collects all types of machine data, building real-time IT service models that train machine learning algorithms to predict and eliminate outages in hybrid IT environments, dramatically reducing downtime and IT spend. We do this with a SaaS-based solution that provides deep infrastructure monitoring for your hybrid IT environment, at any scale. Using Zenoss, you can

Eliminate Blind Spots - Gain total coverage and holistic, real-time visibility into the health of on-premises, cloud and serverless environments by relying on a single source of truth.

Predict Impacts - Isolate problems and service risks, understand key trends and anomalies, and forecast capacity issues before business is impacted.

Resolve Issues Faster - Accelerate resolution by streamlining investigation and collaboration across teams, quickly identifying root cause, and automating remediation.

Operate at Scale - Confidently scale and adapt to unique and evolving needs while focusing on delivering business value through IT services rather than administering the tools that support them

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